Progenia provides international award-winning and sustainable project and construction management services to the Illawarra’s domestic property market.

With us you deal with one professional company that handles every component of your project, providing continuity of service and making life easy. With your home being such a major investment, you don’t want anything falling through the cracks and you don’t want miscommunication or unnecessary stress.

You also want the best result which is why Scott and his team bring all financial, social and environmental decisions relating to your home back to the basics—sustainability.

Our methodology, proven processes, and policies and procedures add a layer of comfort. These quality assurance controls provide you with excellent design and construction, on time and on budget.

Our full-circle service line includes:

  • sustainable building design;
  • structural design;
  • Council and other approval processes;
  • project management;
  • cost planning;
  • construction management.


Sustainable building is a broad and complex concept. It means addressing thousands of decisions in a sustainable way, applying a holistic approach. This includes harmonising important financial, social and environmental objectives.


Structural engineering allow your home to be durable, strong and, most importantly, safe. At Progenia, we consider structural design to be a key aspect of overall design, and so considerit at concept stage. A well structurally designed building should perform, but be hidden within the building’s fabric.


Meeting multiple regulations, legal requirement and managing Council, development application submissions and all other approval processes is an area of expertise in its own right. Without proper approvals and sign-offs, a project is at risk of blowing out.


With our construction management experience, Progenia effectively manages cost planning so homes are designed and constructed to high standards, while remaining on-time and on-budget. We reduce service costs by handling the bulk of the work in-house, while bridging the gap between design decisions and construction costs.


Progenia is expert at construction management, which means risks associated with your project are dramatically reduced and well managed. We deliver truly sustainable homes by managing the complete process, in finite detail, from start to finish, in-house.


This is one of Progenia’s strengths. Managing Director Scott Redwood has extensive experience in large-scale, multi-million dollar commercial buildings that are sustainable through and through. Through Progenia, he applies his well-developed project management skills to the domestic market.