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Designing for a beautiful future. It’s your passion. It’s our passion.

You’re in the market to create your dream home. But not just any home. A beautiful, sustainable and affordable one that complements your life and lowers the impact it has on our natural environment.

Progenia provides international award-winning and sustainable project and construction management services to the Illawarra’s domestic property market.

Our full-circle service—offered under one roof—covers sustainable building design, structural engineering, documentation, project and construction management.

With building a home—one of life’s major investments—you want fully trained, certified and insured professionals working to best practice and to national and state standards. Progenia is such a company.

Progenia offers quality solutions, excellent design, planning and implementation, all with attentive service. And we work with the best-practice energy modelling software's, recognised by the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme, and eTools, a CSIRO developed life-cycle analysis software - used to that determines your home’s determined your homes actual carbon foot-print (developed by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation).

We also work in close partnership with you to transform your ideas into reality. You’re completely engaged throughout the process—from initial consultation to final delivery.

The end result? A beautiful, energy efficient home you’ll love forever.


Progenia is an innovative company backed by international award-winning sustainable project and construction management services for the domestic market. We excel in forming teams of talented, resourceful and passionate professionals who provide you with the best solution, not just any solution. We’re also great communicators who are trained to listen, discuss your needs and provide proactive, considered and frank advice. We combine theory with practice and creativity with technicality. You can count on this with Managing Director Scott Redwood who graduated from a world-renowned university that sits in the top 1 per cent in its class.


Experience and knowledge is the name of the game with sustainable design and building. Progenia’s years of experience and wealth of knowledge covers all bases and offers enormous benefits. Our full-circle service saves you time, money and energy. You’ll deal with one company throughout your project—from idea to completion. Our streamlined and tailored approach avoids crossed wires and better manages risks. And our two-way communications ensure you’re engaged and up-to-date every step of the way. All up this helps you maximise your investment.


Scott Redwood, Progenia’s Managing Director, is pursuing his Masters of Research (Sustainable Design and Development) at the Sustainable Buildings Research Centre, University of Wollongong. Scott knows that creating a sustainable home involves thousands of decisions and continually merging financial, social and environmental factors—every decision is cemented in what sustainability is. This is the only way to get maximum results. And it’s why Scott continues to build his skills in decision-making processes and best-practice project management tools.


Scott Redwood Profile Picture


Managing Director

Managing Director of Progenia, Scott Redwood, is a multiple-award winning operator in sustainable design and construction.

Scott is backed by a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours (Civil) from the University of Wollongong (2009) and a Master’s of Project Management from the University of Sydney (2011). He is studying his Masters by Research (Sustainable Design and Development), at the Sustainable Buildings Research Centre, University of Wollongong—one of the world’s top 1 per cent of universities.

As part of his scholarship work, Scott was hand-picked for the team that built the international award-winning Illawarra Flame House. He was the team’s design, construction, logistics, and work health and safety manager. This was the first Australian team to enter a Solar Decathlon. To win, the team’s work was judged against 10 strict criteria. Scott’s team scored more points than any other Solar Decathlon team has ever won.

After completing his engineering degree, Scott worked for a large building contractor on designing and constructing large-scale commercial projects, including a medical centre and shopping centre tested against the Green Star rating system. In the commercial world, he was also involved in projects tested against the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating system, used in 30 countries internationally.

Although these rating systems are designed for commercial contexts, Scott overlays his valuable knowledge to his work in the domestic market. Within this market Scott also applies best-practice, adopting the energy modelling software recognised by the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme and cutting-edge LCADesign software, developed by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation to analyse the life-cycle impact of your home.


Fact One

A sustainable home is a marriage between what you as a client want and the three important objectives used for every design and construction decision—financial, social and environmental.

Fact Two

Sustainable homes—with great technology and design—require less than 10% of the energy used in a typical Australian homes, saving thousands of dollars a year.

Fact Three

Sustainable homes incorporate best practice water capture and efficiency measures, including using rainwater for indoor use.

Fact Four

Sustainable homes reduce the carbon footprint of your house over its life cycle.


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Progenia provides international award-winning and sustainable project and construction management services to the Illawarra’s domestic property market.

With us you deal with one professional company that handles every component of your project, providing continuity of service and making life easy. With your home being such a major investment, you don’t want anything falling through the cracks and you don’t want miscommunication or unnecessary stress.

You also want the best result which is why Scott and his team bring all financial, social and environmental decisions relating to your home back to the basics—sustainability.

Our methodology, proven processes, and policies and procedures add a layer of comfort. These quality assurance controls provide you with excellent design and construction, on time and on budget.

Our full-circle service line includes:

  • sustainable building design;
  • structural design;
  • Council and other approval processes;
  • project management;
  • cost planning;
  • construction management.


Sustainable building is a broad and complex concept. It means addressing thousands of decisions in a sustainable way, applying a holistic approach. This includes harmonising important financial, social and environmental objectives.


Structural engineering allow your home to be durable, strong and, most importantly, safe. At Progenia, we consider structural design to be a key aspect of overall design, and so considerit at concept stage. A well structurally designed building should perform, but be hidden within the building’s fabric.


Meeting multiple regulations, legal requirement and managing Council, development application submissions and all other approval processes is an area of expertise in its own right. Without proper approvals and sign-offs, a project is at risk of blowing out.


With our construction management experience, Progenia effectively manages cost planning so homes are designed and constructed to high standards, while remaining on-time and on-budget. We reduce service costs by handling the bulk of the work in-house, while bridging the gap between design decisions and construction costs.


Progenia is expert at construction management, which means risks associated with your project are dramatically reduced and well managed. We deliver truly sustainable homes by managing the complete process, in finite detail, from start to finish, in-house.


This is one of Progenia’s strengths. Managing Director Scott Redwood has extensive experience in large-scale, multi-million dollar commercial buildings that are sustainable through and through. Through Progenia, he applies his well-developed project management skills to the domestic market.


We have worked on and delivered many successful, and truly sustainable building projects. Our involvement ensures their success by covering all components of their delivery.


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